180 LM/W high luminous efficiency led street light was born

A 180 lm/w LED street light was successfully designed and developed by our Yangfa lighting company. This is definitely a cost savings, saving energy led street lights.

Yangfa lighting company has been set up for 20 years who has accumulated a wealth of experience in street lamp production design research and development. In 2015, our R & D team began to develop a high-performance street lights in order to improve the lamp lumens, improve the efficiency of the use of lamps, saving energy.

1 year later, a street light were developed and we applied for a patent. This street lamp has a perfect design, efficient heat sink, is the standard ip65 outdoor lighting, light efficiency to 130 lm/w.

This lamp are hot sales in the domestic market,and especially in many schools lighting,old street replacement project.

In 2017, our R & D team continued to innovate and our lamps up to 170lm/w. Such a high efficiency of the lamps, certainly can save lots of electricity.

A 170lm/w 60w lamp, compared to 120lm/w 80w lamps,it saving power 0.025KWH each hourTo be sure, with this efficient lamp, you can save electricity 90kwh a yearIf there are thousands of street lights on the street, how much electricity can it save ?

But what’s more exciting is that our lamps have been upgraded to 180lm/w.

170lm/w 180LM/W high luminous efficiency patent led street light
brand new led street light

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