Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual

This article is about Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual, written by the experienced engineer of Yangfa company, and it will teach you how to install your Solar Street Light professionally.

We use a real project as a case:


Material:                       Steel lamp standard hot‐dip galvanized, powder coating finish.

Die casting aluminum housing, internal reflection and toughened glass.
IP Rating:                       IP65
Solar Panels                  100Watt Monocrystalline
Light Source                 30Watt  OSRAM  chips, Bright  LED
Flux                                > 2800 LM Color Temperature                                        4200k
Battery                           100Ah maintenance free lead acid Controller     SRNE brand smart LED controller
Working voltage         12 V
Working time               8 hrs per day
Autonomy                     3 days of no charge (rainy /cloudy days) Height  3 Meters


1.Concrete Foundation

1.1 The first step is to choose an appropriate installation site, keeping in mind that there are no electric wires or water pipes running underground. It should also be noted that trees near the installation site can cast a shadow on the solar panel and can reduce the output power. Top portion of the street light should be completely free for direct access to sunlight.

1.2 As shown in diagram below, a one cubic meter hole is required for the installation of the street light.    Begin pouring concrete in the hole and embed the bottom portion of the pole in the center.    Place one end of PVC pipe in the center of the pole base, and the other end at the installation position of storage battery (as shown in the diagram below). Make sure the top of the embedded part, the concrete foundation and the original ground are leveled with each other (or depending on the site requirements, keep the top portion of the bolts and original ground at the same level).    One edge of the foundation should be parallel to the street in order to keep the light pole stand straight.    Then secure it in place using C20 concrete.    VERY IMPORTANT: During the pouring process, operator should use vibrator continuously to assure the compactness of the base.

1.3 Water should be poured on concrete regularly during its solidification process.    Proceed with the installation after the concrete solidifies completely (generally takes more than 7 days).

2.Thread Cable

2.1 Insert a 1.5 mm2 twisted wire into the opening of the light arm, then into the light pole through the hole at the top of pole. Continue until the wire reaches the bottom of the light pole. One end of the twisted wire should connect to the storage battery, and the other end should connect to the controller.    Afterwards, attach/bolt the arm onto the light pole according to the specific position requirements.

2.2 Insert two 4.0mm2 copper cores through the bottom of the light pole (red one connects to the positive terminal, blue one connects to the negative terminal), and bring them out from the top of the light pole.    Connect one end of the core to solar module, and the other end to the controller.

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual
Thread Cable-Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual

3.Install Luminaire (light fixture)

3.1 Connect twisted wire to the input lines of luminaire (Red is positive terminal).

3.2 Secure luminaire onto the arm using screws.

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual
Install Luminaire (light fixture)-Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual

4.Install Solar Panel

4.1 Connect  the Panel  support  to the loop with bolts,  and then connect  the solar panel  onto the support.  Take the necessary measures for avoiding short circuit before connecting output terminals of solar panel to controller.

4.2 Connect  the output lines of solar panel to the copper cores that were threaded  out from the light pole (N.B. red should connect to the positive terminal)

4.3 Connect the solar panel support onto the light pole; all modules should face south (refer to compass).

5.Setup Light Pole

5.1 Before lifting the light pole, make sure that each part is securely  fastened.     Check the installation  of light holder and the luminaire  that they are functioning  properly.     Perform  small  tests  to make  sure that the modules  are also functioning  properly  (disconnect  wires of solar module  in the controller,  lights should  turn on; connect  the wires  of solar  module  in  the  controller,  light  should  turn  off.  Meanwhile,  examine  the  changes  of  indicator  lights  on  the controller carefully. Start lifting and installing after examination.

5.2 As shown in the picture, pull the light pole using manpower or crane, thread all cables out from the bottom of light

pole, and then fix the pole onto the embedded part (base of the pole).

5.3 During the process of lifting, pay attention to safety. Make sure the screws/bolts are tightened properly, the angle of module should be precise, use compass to make sure the module face south.

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual
Setup Light Pole-Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manual

6.Install Storage Battery

Connect lines to the positive and negative poles of storage battery, and then thread those lines through PVC pipe to the light pole. After that, put the storage battery in the box underground,  cover it with cement plate, or fill it with soil and then smooth the surface or cover it with concrete slab.

Preventive measures: On the top of the concrete slab, cover the surface with bricks. Then fix it with plug bolt, and weld

the nut shut.

7.Install Controller

Connect  the wires to the controller  according  to the drawing  below.  First connect  the storage  battery,  then connect loads, finally connect solar panel. Pay special attention  when connecting  the wires of controller  and other circuits. Do

not connect negative wire to positive, doing so can cause damage to the controller.

Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manua
Install Controller-Outdoor LED Solar Street Light User & Installation Manua


Test  the  system  to see  if all of the  modules  are  functioning  properly:  Disconnect  the  wires  of solar  module  in the controller,  lights should turn on; connect the wires, light should turn off. Meanwhile,  examine the changes of indicator lights on the controller carefully and after that seal the controller box.


During installation keep the following things in mind:

  1. 1. The energy source of “solar street lights” is sun light, make sure the PV modules are exposed to the sun light at all times and there is no shade causing trees or tall building nearby.
  2. 2. When threading, make  sure  the wires  do not get caught  in the  joint  of light  po  Joints  of the  wires  should  be covered with PVC tape.
  3. 3. In order to maintain the appearance and performance of the solar panels, clean the dust on the solar modules every

6 months, but do not wash it from top to bottom with water.