Smart lighting become the future development direction of LED street lighting

With the promotion of the LED chip and driver technology, plagued LED lamp heat dissipation, light attenuation, power and other issues have been resolved, while prices continued rapid decline in the price of the LED street lamp boost.

Domestic LED street lamps gradually replace the traditional street lamps, become the main force of new street lamps, and the intelligent control characteristics of street lamps strengthen the advantages of LED street lighting products. Under the background of energy saving and emission reduction, the penetration of LED street lamps is gradually improved.

LED research data show that, benefiting from the domestic LED market collective pick up, in 2016, China’s domestic LED street lamp market scale reached 9 billion 460 million, an increase of 15.4%, as of the end of 2017, the domestic LED street lamp permeability is close to 40%, GGII.

At present, China government subsidies become weaker, and street reconstruction in developed coastal areas is nearing completion, China LED street reconstruction will enter the benign stage of steady growth, while overseas markets gradually began to become the future growth.

Overseas market will increase the initiative of LED street lamps in the future

Recently, SushilKumarModi, the chief Vice Minister of India, Patna, said that, as part of the national street light plan (SLNP), to save power, LED street lights will soon be installed in all municipal companies and urban local institutions in the state. In addition, the government has more emphasis on replacing traditional bulbs with LED lights for street lighting, because it can save 9 billion kwh of electricity throughout the country.

SushilKumarModi also adds that EESL, as a joint venture of public sector power companies, will soon start installing new LED lights in the state. A survey conducted by EESL at the Biharsharif municipal company shows that installing LED street lights saves 131 million rupees (about 13 million 400 thousand RMB) per year for municipal institutions.”

In addition, in July of this year, Chicago intends to replace 250 thousand smart LED street lights in the largest wisdom street lighting program in the United states. Renewable energy company Ameresco will cooperate with the Internet of things (IoT) program provider SilverSpringNetworks in the 4 year infrastructure modernization plan, and will make about 85% of Chicago’s existing street lamps converted into smart LED street lamps.

According to SmartCitiesWorld, this multi stage infrastructure modernization project will begin in the summer of 2017. The new LED street lamp can save 50 to 75% of the existing street lamps.

The SilverSpring platform of IPv6 can control the switch street lamp according to the actual demand in the long distance, can also carry on active maintenance from the remote monitoring, and can accelerate the maintenance when the street lamp fault.

SilverSpring, the executive officer of MikeBell, said that Chicago’s street lighting program will be one of the largest modernization programs in the United states. The promise of mayor RahmEmanuel to use the latest IoT technology to improve people’s living standards is very encouraging. I hope to see that this plan can lay the foundation for the future application of smart city.

In recent years, with the deepening of the globalization process and the promotion of LED products related policies, the domestic LED enterprises “go global” is booming. Large scale replacement of LED street lamps in India and Chicago is undoubtedly a good opportunity for Chinese LED lighting enterprises.

Smart lighting into the future development direction of LED street lamps

Nowadays, Hui City is thinking of exploration, gradually entered the real construction phase, with the accelerated construction of smart city, as well as the Internet of things, cloud computing and other new generation of information technology widely used, intelligent street lighting construction will usher in rapid development opportunities. GGII predicts that by 2020, China’s LED smart street market penetration will rise to around 40%.

In the view of Siayuan marketing director Yang Yanhui, “LED lighting has now become the most city in the world of traditional street lighting standard alternatives, intelligent control becomes more and more widely and gradually deployed with LED lighting. Many city around the world are likely to use LED lighting equipment new and more efficient in the long process of replacing the existing street lamp, LED street access intelligent control can increase 15% energy efficiency based on the existing 60% energy saving, intelligent control can achieve on-demand lighting, street lamps can be existing resource integration management and construction of Internet of things the platform, through the street of Internet management covers, trash, monitoring, billboards and so on, is the future development direction of smart lighting LED lamp.”

It is understood that PHILPS launched CityTouch intelligent lighting road lighting system since 2014, has been successfully used in the United States of Losangeles, Indonesia Jakarta and other major global city, this system is one of the important measures to promote the construction of smart city.

In 2017, PHILPS lighting launched CityTouchflex intelligent interconnected road lighting system in China market again. The system uses street lamps as the access port of Internet of things, and can access various smart city applications including urban emergency system, traffic signal management system, security monitoring system, people flow, traffic flow, weather detection system and so on, which supports the operation of smart city in all directions.

PHILPS lighting, China professional channel general manager Xiang Diming said confidently, “with the PHILPS CityTouchflex in the Chinese landing one after another, we will further promote the construction of smart city Chinese, in addition to street lighting, PHILPS lighting will also use their own in the building, office, hotel, commercial, industrial and intelligent lighting field advantage, let more and more people enjoy excellent more comfortable, intelligent, convenient and safe city life.”

Overall, with the popularity of internet intelligent lighting, street lamp is no longer the only lighting function, will create more applications of smart city ecosystem, helping the city operation and maintenance; not only has significant effect in energy saving and emission reduction, can reduce the crime rate, to ensure traffic safety and enhance economic development.